IPD lawyers and staff defend adults and juveniles in the courts of Oregon in criminal, juvenile, contempt, and mental commitments. Our mission is to provide high-quality legal representation to our clients and we aspire to treat every client with dignity and respect. We only accept cases to which we have been appointed by the Court. IPD has 17 staff, including 10 attorneys. Our office is located at 215 SE Frazer Ave  Pendleton, Oregon. We represent clients in the courts located at the Umatilla County Courthouse in Pendleton, Oregon, and the Stafford Hansel Government Center in Hermiston, Oregon.

IPD Attorneys

Herman Bylenga

Justin Morton

Benjamin H Goldberg

Travis O' Neal

Laurie E Cantelon

Thomas Gray

Jesse E Hardval


L. KENT FISHER  Director

Kent graduated from the University Of Oregon School Of Law in 1991. He began his legal career at the public defense organization the Umatilla Morrow Public Defense Service in 1992. He has worked as a public defender, deputy district attorney, and briefly as private counsel. He joined the Intermountain Public Defender, Inc. in November 2007 as a Sr. Deputy Defender and was promoted to Executive Director September 1, 2014.